It's a Marvelous Monday (weekly roundup)

By kate blue - Monday, June 23, 2014

Hey everyone!  I have been so busy and haven't been crafting as much but I have done something that I don't normally do and that is to get out and explore more of Maryland!  I wasn't born or raised here and tend to stick to places within my community BUT, last week, the shutterbug sis (below) was visiting and so we packed our cameras, grabbed a mini one for the boy, and headed to Baltimore! 
We hung out at the AMerican Visionary Museum for a bit so I could learn all about apetures (sp?) and lighting :)
then we headed to the Inner Harbor for a quick lunch and dessert :):)

and of course, before we left, he HAD to catch a few turns on the carousel!  Best $ 5 spent :):)


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