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By kate blue - Monday, July 14, 2014

I'm late but I'm here...I was tagged by someone I hope to meet one day in real life, Cindy Gay from CindysPagesInTime....and I apologize that there are no other blogs to connect to; everybody's busy and is not blogging this week! Boo! So, here's just a bit about ME and I hope you'll hop over to Cindy's blog and look at her awesome pictures and creations; she's such a sweetie!

What are my favorite things to create?
Everyone that knows me knows that scrapbook 12 x 12s are my first loves but I also love doing altered containers and boxes from time to time :)

What am I working on right now?
 just trying to scrap some "30 minutes or less" layouts since the pictures are piling up on my desk!  I hate how they look but gotta keep it moving....

How long does it take me to create?
During the summer, I have too many mom tasks and so I don't get to squeeze that much crafty time in.  Plus I work part time now and free time is rare.  But when In do get to create something, I try to go start to finish in an hour IF I'm organized.   Notice I said "IF " :):)

Talk about your creating process:
I like kits and usually put my own together out of stuff here in my studio.  I usually start with the photo and see what talks to me-it's usually paper that starts the flow.  Embellishments and trims follow :)    Other times, I may look at Pinterest for some placement or product 


Who inspires you?
I'm kinda inspired by so many in the crafty world, but some who are inspiring me right now are my fellow DT gals over at Scrap Our Stash .  Another one of my crafty crushes is Jenni Calma from PaperCardinal. Fashion & Travel magazines are a great source of inspiration too

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  1. hi~
    thanks for stopping by, I have been to your blog before:):) maybe it was Cindy!!!! You make beautiful things:):)

  2. Awe Kate, thanks. We will meet up someday! Love the picture of your young family!

  3. Cindy is so sweet so I totally know what you mean, you are definitely one of my favorite layout designers and you inspire me.

  4. Love learning more about you. And that layout though simple is adorable!!! Love the colors and those stars!!!


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