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By kate blue - Friday, July 25, 2014

I was so blessed to be able to celebrate my birthday this month with 9 other awesome crafty divas!
We did an awesome girls getaway and as I walked around the scrap area (to steal supplies) to gaze lovingly at projects, I noticed this on a table:
and I was like, :Where did you get this??" cause some of my favorite words that I say all the time (namely #SUPERCUTE) were right there! Turns out that my gurl, Lameka (pictured above in the super cute deer shirt) is the creator of this awesome little stamp set!  I had to feature it cause it is so "very necessary" right now with all the PL, selfies and instagram shots :)   IF you want to get your hot little hands on this set, hop over to her site {HERE} and order one :):):):):)   Once the other folks start copying it, you'll have already had your set (for a steal) and used it 1000 different ways!  I plan on using mine in a SMASH book this weekend :)

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