October already???

By kate blue - Saturday, October 04, 2014

Man, I barely just caught up to September!!   Thanks to all the folks who sent me well wishes for the Color Run, it was so much fun!! National Harbor is quite beautiful and the weather was phenomenal, not too hot and just the perfect amount of clouds. Since I have the Fasciitis, I took my time and walked; the dd ran it but came back in increments to check up on me and walk with me....and the crafty b that I am, I took to Pinterest to make her super cute tutu!  I keep surprising myself-for those of you who are new to the blog, I have never been crafty. EVER.  I always used to buy things that I needed until I started scrapbooking.  So in 2014 I challenged myself to try and make more things, including cards and simple crafty items!  So far, so good.  Nothing elaborate, just simple stuff.  Cards, canvases, jewelry, etc...

So anyway, I did make two layouts with some scraps, will show those sometime this weekend.  Got a date with a special girl tonight to see GONE GIRL so.....TTYL !!!

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