weekend wrapup! Pt I /2

By kate blue - Sunday, October 05, 2014

I must be getting old...pumpkin patches are just excruciating for me now...the farms around here charge admission for each person and every thing you do-it's like you are a cash cow and all the bratty kids running around like lunatics while their snobby parents (they were awful x 10) were on their phones instead of unplugging for a few hours...It is just baffling to me....admission and you don't even get a free pumpkin with that >so I tortured my family for a few hours at one today (I won't say which one since I can't say anything nice about it)....but it was in Montgomery County cause we were trying somewhere new (bad idea)

The BOY picked a green one (??) and we only got some small white pumpkins for the porch since we frequent our local mom &n pop place for the big carving ones...It was all about Thing 2 today so we just trudged on...but next year????????
**sorry. rant over!

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