Super excited to be on a new DT* Toot (LONG POST)

By kate blue - Thursday, November 27, 2014

Earlier this year, I found a new challenge site (new for me) called Challenge YOUrself and I loved that it fell into the philosophy along the lines of Aleida'sChallenge...I love all that it stands for! I'm super excited to say that I am now a part of their Design Team!!

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Recently, we have all  read and kept up with Teresa Collins and her journey with her belovedTyler's cancer and also recently shared her pain of his passing.  One thing that I took away from so many of her posts was that family was so important to her and she documented and photographed THEIR LIFE-  it's so important that we all do that!
Doesn't matter what you are doing, it doesn't always have to be when we are all dolled up/special occasions:

 it could be just plain old cooking:
me & my Harry Potter tshirt Thanksgiving 2009
OR, playing outside:

and just regular everyday life:

my daughter says I am an over the top picture taker and it's true, but until a few years ago, I always just scrapped her and the boy...But I learned from a personal email from Aleida (the only one she sent me before she passed) and also from my friend Lisa Sanford is that YOU have to be in the STORY and  PICTURES otherwise it's really truly not as much of an impact to your children/family.  And so just for you guys, I have trolled through the old & new pics to bring you ME, weight issues and all, different haircolors, clothing choices of the good, bad and the ugly lol...and so now, I'm pretty comfortable scrapping myself and I hope you'll join me along with the rest of the DT at Challenge YOUrself as we challenge YOU to get comfortable and get in the pictures too! 2015 can be all about YOU if you let it happen   :):):)

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  1. Love this Kat! Congrats on your new gig... and Happy Thanksgiving!


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