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By kate blue - Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Many of you do the ALi Edwards OLW project and I admit, I already am behind on so many projects so I've adapted my scrapping to just pick OLW and then make layouts/projects that support the concept. 
Last year's word for me was CLARITY and I'm pretty sure I got some clairty on some aspects of my life but others are still foggy.  So, I had thrown around some words for 2015 like FOCUS, CHALLENGE, PAUSE and NOURISH but after completing the layout, I went in a different direction and so my OLW for 2015 is:
Tyler Perry had penned post where he had his ipod on and loved this song by Smokie Norful called "Dear God" -verses 2 and 3 spoke to me and I  know that I  chose the right word.
And I watched you take my family from there to here
And when times were a lil rough God I know you were near
And the moments I thought I failed I was reminded of your nails
So I held on
And if I never live to see another day
There is nothing I would change or take away
I've had so many ups
That they far out way my downs
Lord I thank you for my life
I realized some didn't make it...
I could've been one of the ones who lost my way
And there were times Lord I know I almost went crazy
But I'm still here, with my life
****I am grateful for my life and all the ups and downs, but I gotta get MY joy back :)  Tune in tomorrow for the full reveal :):)

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  1. Beautiful word!! I hope you get your joy back! You deserve that!!! Happy New Year, Kat!! I have enjoyed getting to know you this past year and look forward to learning more about you. And of course, seeing your gorgeous creations!! xo


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