Catchin up on a Wonderful Wednesday

By kate blue - Wednesday, May 13, 2015

I have been AWOL for a bit...all due to this nasy thing called the ran amuk throughout my whole house; hitting each and everyone of us in different ways.  It figures that it would hit me last and hit me the worst!  Without giving you all the gory details, just know I was actually BEDRIDDEN for 5 days in a medicine induced sleep coma since I had this high fever that refused to budge.  Thank goodness my son is so responsible; his dad had to leave him home alone with me in the evenings and he did his homework, got his snack, and did his nightly reading all by himself while I slept and slept.  I lost all sense of time....BUT, that being said, I felt 75% better on Sunday and just in time to break out the Lysol and rid the house of germs, get a shower and get to the PRINCE concert (my Mother's Day surprise)...

Everyone that knows me knows that I have been a diehard Prince fan since I was 17 years old -DIE HARD...Imagine my surprise when I got to the concert hall, walked into the venue towards the seat check-in and a perfect stranger walks up to me (I was by myself) and gives me a ticket for a FLOOR SEAT!  There was a story behind it as to why he was giving it away and of course I took the ticket!  CAN you say ROW 3???!!!! I am used to giving RAKs and receiving them too, but nothing like that!  It was such an amazing gift and one that I will remember for years to come.  Of course I cried LOL....I'm still in shock ):)

“The catch phrase for the day is 'Do an act of kindness. Help one person smile.'”

On that note, I am putting together a RAK for a lucky blog follower!  Come back on Friday and I'll have a little box of goodies to giveaway "JUST BECAUSE"  :) :)   I haven't crafted anything in 2 weeks but am jumping back on the bandwagon later today!!

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