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By kate blue - Monday, September 28, 2015

Sometimes, the scrappy mojo is MIA and I'll troll around different blogs and websites like Etsy or Pinterest for inspiration.  I'm in the midst of cleaning my scrap studio and found that I had beads and jewelry supplies begging to be used (the first craft I ever began wayyy before scrapbooking was jewelry making/beadwork) so I grabbed a bucket and brought down my supplies.  I saw that I had pinned THIS inspirational picture/tutorial from Fernanda Schoma @ Hora De Diva:
And even though her blog isn't in English, her tutorial is self-explanatory.   I had all of the supplies with the exception of the felt ($.29) and the chain and rose beads which I scored those at Michael's this week for $ 3.00 and $1.99 respectively!
I used my handy dandy plastic top to cut the circle for the shape:
Using the E6000 glue, start gluing your chain and your necklace pieces to the felt. I added two small pieces of glittered wire ribbon on the ends and trimmed them to cover up the exposed felt. (**I do have to say, I'd like suggestions for a better glue, I didn't particularly like this glue and may try with a glue gun next time.)

After everything is dried, trim your felt to the edges of your beads...I can't really explain it well so hopefully you can jump over to her blog or get the gist from here. 

Finished piece !!  If I was making it for a craft show or for someone else, I would've been more particular about the symmetry. My goal wasn't to copy her necklace but to be inspired by it and I'm not one for perfection so this was an easy first piece just for me to wear while running errands or something.  AND....the crafting mojo has returned!


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