It's a terrific Tuesday!

By kate blue - Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Terrific cause I reclaimed my house back from messy kids; especially she who shalt not be named that I call Thing 1! I tackled all laundry (it took FOREVER to recover from not having a washing machine for 10 days) and it's FINALLY caught up!  Released all kinds of good endorphins, allowing the missing crafty mojo to return - I am a crafting fiend!  Started yesterday with scrapbooking and in the middle, I took an hour and cleaned some things in the studio too and came across these that have been in the hoarder pile:
I've always dabbled in painted canvases but need to add more mixed media projects to the mix-Jane Davenport (whose style I love) debuted an awesome collection at Michael's of all places!  I have two best friends who also happen to craft and so bbff2 came over last weekend and tell me why we made a Michael's run???  Used a gift card that I got at Christmas and got these beauties!
My goal is to watch some You Tubers-please suggest some for me!! Maybe take an online class and use my paints, gesso and all of the above supplies on some awesome projects!  Hope you got some at Michael's too cause I heard they are all sold out now :( (you can always go directly to Jane's site though.)

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