NSD Kill a Kit Challenge?? Nailed it!

By kate blue - Sunday, May 07, 2017

Normally I NEVER EVER "kill" a kit....maybe it's because I make them way too big and it's unattainable??  HAHAHA...Well, if you look at my previous post, one of the NSD challenges on the Victoria Marie Facebook Group was to "kill a kit."  I actually managed to create 4 layouts out of this mini kit!  I struggled because I don't normally keep a lot of sports embellishments around but I think I did a great job of filling in the space.   MINI-KIT:   4 layouts....will have to try this when going to a crop.  That one pack of Jolee embellishments got  broken apart and used!! 

 LOVED LOVED LOVED the custom Orioles/Birdman papers that I got at my LSS Photo Scraps-I wished I had had just one more piece though!  For my local peeps, she has Orioles, Redskins, Ravens and more!  I even got some awesome Stevenson paper (for Thing 1's college pics when I finally get around to those) so if you are looking for something specific, holla at Tracy!

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