Wonderful Wednesday catchup

By kate blue - Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Despite the nasty rain, it's a wonderful Wednesday because I get to catch up-Catch up on the blog, catch up on chores, catch up on my tv shows (I have not watched the current GOT season), catch up on crafty stuff (I got alot), catchup on all things that went by the wayside during summer vacation and Labor Day!

So, I have to admit, last month's Counterfeit Kit was a bust for me-I did take it on vacation with me but sorry to say, it didn't get used and I only made 2 measly layouts-I'll post them later.  BUT, this month calls for a new kit and one thing that I did do in anticipation of the kids going back to school (the boy FINALLY just went back today ) and me reclaiming my time was to clean my studio !

Cleaned the table and voila,I can put my Sept kit together, open my Paper Issues box and create some magic today!

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