It's 2018...I gotta do better! I swear...

By kate blue - Thursday, January 18, 2018

It's been a whole month since I've been here! I should be ashamed...BUT, life gets in the way sometimes, well, most times. Let's kiss & make up and catchup shall we??!!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

December-full of sickness (kids and Thing 3)...December Daily-my first ever and no, it's still not done because since the kids were sick, we didn't really do anything fun!  No going out to eat, no Christmas  photo shoot, no Christmas lights at all!  We made plans but they all fell through due to the flu (the boy stayed out of school for 8 days sick as a dog! I guess I can document that though :)  We did decorate a little bit and we did do Ugly Christmas tshirts but we never wore them :(

December also bought a new way to do holidays; we decided that we have enough of the STUFF.  Life should be about being more present in what you do instead of what you got so we decided to decrease the gifts to about 4 for each child and to travel for the holiday.  So off we jetted to the Dominican Republic.

 Not my favorite  trip for a variety of reasons, but it was our first time traveling during the American holidays and so next time, I'll know what to do and what not to do.  And of course, 24  hours after we returned, who got extremely sick?? ME!!  Norovirus and it was not pretty...6 days of illness before I felt almost 100%.  So, today was the first day of catching  up  email and the blog; tomorrow will be the first day going back to playing with some paper!  See you on the weekend for more catchup!

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  1. Hi Kate. I totally understand. Flu, ear infection, then bronchitis...other than flu I had to keep going. I think I am halfway through my DD so I totally get it. I like the cutting back on gifts and going on a trip. I will consider that one.


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