Monthly catchup!

By kate blue - Friday, August 03, 2018

It's the beginning of AUGUST (gulp) and last month's recap goes like THIS....
Scrapping, kids, camp, my birthday , sick kids, vacation, back issues....DONE!  I'm giving you the quick and clean version LOL!

Today's post shows my catchup-I didn't really get to scrap in July, like maybe 3 layouts and so I jumped into August with my August Counterfeit Kit.  The team at Counterfeitkit Challenge blog used the Cocoa Daisy July kit to counterfeit this month:

I normally don't keep orange or green or even flowers in my stash so I dug deep into my stash.  Fixated on the woodgrain, florals,  the bright colors and of course circles/dots.   Since I neglected to scrap last month, I wanted a LARGE kit so I could try to create about 15 layouts.

 EMBELLISHMENTS AND SUMMER PRINTABLES FROM THE LILY PAD BLOG, took some loose inspo from their kit/add-on kit with the clips, butterflies, hexagons and summer feel: 

And then , just for kicks, I added by DESKTOP box of tricks (translation=crap that I had on my desk that I wish to be gone)-here ya go!
Thanks for popping by and checking out my kit-I already made 2 layouts with it so see ya tomorrow!

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  1. If you've already made two layouts with your kit, I'd say it's going to be a very fun scrappy month! You've selected some gorgeous papers - I really like that pink ombre woodgrain. And you really got me with the desktop box - I'm often lazy about putting away supplies and this is a great way to use them up before you have to actually find a place for them. Looking forward to seeing more from you in August!

  2. Sir Foxy is my fave, but the box of goodies is yummy, too! Glad you got busy already :D Be sure to post on the Linky.

  3. Oh Wow what a fun kit and myself I love large kits :) I plan to scrap just as many layouts too :) LOL you really had me chuckling with that translation of your : DESKTOP box of tricks good addition to your kit (I would need a bigger box, lol)

  4. I can see the original inspiration kit influences in what you've pulled together from your stash! Can't wait to check out how you've used your counterfeit kit for 2 layouts already!

  5. Lovely kit. I really like how you arranges the papers into color groups. That fox embellishment is so cute.
    Cindy F

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