December Daily 2018

By kate blue - Tuesday, November 13, 2018

My December Diary from 2017 is probably about 80% complete which is good for me since it was my 1st time doing one! I'll finish it hopefully over the Thanksgiving break and post it.

 I went to the bffs and didn't want to carry a bunch of stuff so I trolled around all the Christmas stash I have and used it for my December Diary for 2018.  I say "Diary" because I can't do anything "Daily, especially in December for a few reasons...primary one is that I HATE to drive and so it's a big deal for me to plan a buncha stuff when all the crowds and roads are hassles and I mentally can't handle all the foolishness that people do once the Christmas season starts.  But I am on a mission to fill it!!

With that being said, since I was on a promise to stash bust, I used a mish mosh of stuff from my 2 Christmas bins, added in some digi stuff from maybe The Lily Pad and just did what made me happy.  Here's a few of the pages!!

Added the black envelope from some recyclable mail in there, the red felt is actually very stiff and is a LONG vertical pocket

Added some unused gift tags in the book too

ps-this years book is a SMASH book that I painted in some places or recovered...I had way too may of those sitting around also begging to be used!!!

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  1. What a coincidence! I started working on finishing my 2017 December Daily this past weekend. I have so much more to do than you do though... ugh!
    And also, like you, 2017 was my first year doing it and I just wasn't able to find my rhythm...which is why it's mostly NOT done, LOL

    I also do not do "daily" photos or "events" technically I call mine a "December Not-So-Daily" LOL
    Good luck finishing up!
    I really love your Smash Book style album BTW!


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