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By kate blue - Tuesday, December 11, 2018

December...almost Christmas...I was sidelined by a virus for about a month so you woulda thought that I would've had time to post on the blog right??  Sorry! I hardly got any crafting done with the exception of some tags for a swap...

So, I'm behind on so much but the first thing I'll catch you up on is my layouts that I did while at some crops lately...I'm in a NO BUY challenge with the bff2 CK for January but I went ahead and am doing mine for BOTH December and January!!  If you saw my studio you would understand!

As you can probably see, I am determined to break a serious dent in my Maggie Holmes stash!  I an never get enough of it!  So, come see me tomorrow for more layouts and an update of my December Diary since I'm pretty caught up on that (I'll put out the disclaimer that it's extremely boring though)!!

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