January 6, 2009

RAK winners!!

The 4 winners of goodies from the goody box from the "Clean Your Scrapbook Area" are:

Jenny B in Indy, Debbie F #4668, Brianna F#5378 and Elizabeth. Congrats! I will be contacting you for mailing info today.


Jenny B in Indy said...

WHOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I won! I won!!!!! Thank you!!!!!

My email is jnevins1994 at yahoo.com


Now I'm feeling better after that horrible Colts loss :)

Anonymous said...

Debbie #4668
wow this is great. Thanks so much Kate.

Elizabeth said...

woohoo i so can not get over that i won. sorry i took so long to get back to you i have had a sick little girl here at home. my email addy is


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