May 17, 2009

Cozy House

my friend Kate has a scrapbook house getaway in Lancaster COunty (I think) PA...made a quick trip to the Lititz house for a day crop and scrapbook yard sale and had a wonderful time!!! I felt the stress just wash away and can't wait to go back!
Met some wonderful new friends and just wanted to thank Kate, C & C and our wonderful chef Miss L for being such gracious hosts! Check them out here-I have a feeling that after the crowds yesterday, the calendar will be booked heavily so..


Sherri said...

sounds like tons of fun!

michele said...

I found you!!! I am sorry I missed not making contact with you at the CCH during their Open House. Kate and Co. just rock!!! So, when are we signing up for a weekend get-a-way? I am free after June...away the entire month in Alaska. Miss you, GF! Keep in touch. I also see you met another one of my good friends Cindy at the Crop House. Love that girl. Anyway...let's get together real soon!!!

Roselyn said...

OK I know this is kinda weird just posting to a complete stranger out of the blue. But hey we scrappers are cool right? I just had a quick question about the Cozy Crop House. I am going to stay there in about two weeks, and I see you went recently so I was hoping you could give me your thoughts on a few things. I noticed in the picture that the chairs in the work area seem pretty close you think there was enough space to really work well side by side there? Also as far as the space around the table...was there room to bring in a large rolling tote and maybe a smallish table to hold a cricut? I am trying to determine how to pack and such.

I hope to hear from you soon.


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