September 18, 2009

This chick ROCKS!

I met her at the Tim Holtz Patchwork Pandemonium class...and well, the truth is her work caught my eye FIRST (think past FABULOSITY) 

and I lurked over her shoulder before briefly talking to her...she made me wanna start my Pandemoium project all over again....even though I am a scrapbooker, I am always inspired by crafters in any area whether it be quilters, altered art/media, scrapbooking, book makers, card making,, to make a longer story shorter, she gave me her card, I lost it then found it in the junky thing I carry around called a humungo purse.  Sometimes folks give you their cards and their blogs don't really showcase their talent, but you will not be disappointed at either of her sites; she is a crafter (go to her older posts too), a designer, a business owner and MORE!  This girl puts it down! I plan on stalking each and every one of her posts tonight!

So without further ado, my Friday Scrapgal / Crafter of the week is Hope Wallace @  both Besottment and also at Paper Relics ......give the girl some Friday L-O-V-E and tell her Queen Kat sent ya!

1 comment:

Hope | Paper Relics said...

How sweet are you! All these kinds words :) Thank you so much for making me your gal friday!
xo hope

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