November 26, 2009


Just wanted to say that as turkey day comes to a close, I'm very thankful for the friends who did such sweet things for my family today-Ya know who you are!  I just couldn't get in the spirit, not of being grateful, but of the whole turkey and too much food that gets wasted and the whole slaving in a kitchen thing all day (after all 1 in 6 people will go hungry this holiday season) so I decided NOT to cook a Thanksgiving dinner this year...I KNOW! My friends are like WHAA!??? Is you cwazy???...we did a nice dinner on Tuesday but no turkey & trimmings as in years past.  BUT, I had some friends who thought that my craziness was gonna mean that my huzband  and kids were gonna starve (as if)so they sent over lots of goodies!  So, they are upstairs happy and fed....

I'm just gonna say that as we think about our blessings, I have to say I personally am thankful for health, love, life, shelter, friends who act like family, 5 senses, this amazing country we live in and the servicemen and women who give their all for those who may or may not appreciate what they do, and also for a husband who tolerates me through all our ups & downs....especially the creation of these two UPS {smiles}


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laterg8r said...

so glad you left the stress of the holiday behind and enjoyed your blessings :D

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