December 31, 2009

Just gorgeous-YES??

Jenn from Indie Fixx so kindly picked "me" to win some fabulosity from this shop called Mireio run by the super nice Wendelynn (Wende) and so I received these goodies in the mail this week and was so delighted!  Not only are these handmade of course, but if you had smellevision, you could smell the lovely lavender in the travel pillow and acorn satchets-should help me drift off to a wonderful sleep tonight!  Again, I'm always up for leaving the chain stores and am an Etsy/Indie addict! Man, the damage I could do over there...Where else can you find a handmade/recycled/upcyled gift that's within your price range AND that is unique?   I'm a little upset at myself though for tearing open the packages BEFORE I took pictures; my terribel photography do her items no justice.  Her packaging (if u would seen it) was gorgeous too!  Blue ribbons, custom tags and lovely aqua (my fav) tissue papers...very nice way to do business, especially if it's a could just order something and deliver as is.

and oh yeah, I forgot that I picked these vintage salt & pepper shakers from Wende too-no special reason since I use the grinders but I just thought they were beautiful-I may fill them with some German glass glitter or something ...

Please hop over to Wende's shop @ Etsy  and shop-You won't be disappointed!

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laterg8r said...

gorgeous :D

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