December 10, 2009

ok-I've dragged out the Christmas trees

and the holiday decorations....bathrooms cleaned, 2 laundry baskets emptied and more laundry going (always), house is a mess so I decided to give it a 2 hour clean for the holidays before putting up the trees tonight; the scrapstudio is a hot mess (no lie-I shall take a picture later...but forgot to say yesterday that Jo P. from Where Women Create is doing a Christmas giveaway-12 Days have until the 12th to go check it out...she has some very cool indiee/Etsy goodies which are, in my opinion, WAAAYYY better than chain store gifts.

Anyway, after rest and medicine, Thing 2 has gone back to school today; he may be exhausted when he gets home but I'm gonna TRY to get some Christmas photos in too for my December journal; more than likely the pics will look like Tim's Day 9 tag  {below}


laterg8r said...

i loooove that tag :D

*charygirl said...

I feel your hot mess! But as long as the bathrooms are clean we can deal with that right? snicker

Love the tag, the photo is way cute.

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