December 21, 2009

Some snow for those who live in sunny places

and miss the white stuff...Elkridge checked in with a measured total of 22.9", I think we had about 21" here in my area..I just know that not ONE snow plow has some down our cloverleaf yet; fortunately, we had some neighbor who bought a truck with a plow on the front and he practiced using his new toy for about 6 hours-I'm betting that Wesley Lane is clear though....I do not do snow and neither does Thing 2; he went out for 5 minutes, fell and almost hurt himself really bad (another story) and so he came in and stayed in with me-both of us in our pjs.....and yes, I know, I can't get my family to wear Ravens gear no matter how hard I try...they refuse to be a Ravens fan so I'll just be alone in my need for the black & purple!


laterg8r said...

wow, that is some massive amounts of snow - i'd be cuddled up inside too :D

*charygirl said...

OMGoodness, i was thinking about you when they said you were getting the North Pole dropped on your area!
Glad you're well!

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