December 9, 2009

We got a new Princess ya'll!

As a birthday gift to BB, Aunt Karla treated us to the Ultimate Princess
Experience at the Zigfield Theatre in was totally uncooperative as you can see-cold and wet; especially while trying to catch a cab in NY!

 But it was all worth it once we got in the theatre; it was beautiful...Walt Disney presented the Princess and the Frog, introducing the first African American princess EVER-a beautiful girl named Tiana that gives a fateful kiss that leads her and her friends on a magical and musical adventure.  As you know, the place was packed and I won't give away any of the movie- YOU GOTTA go see it for yourself...but I will say that I thought that there were some dark areas (the shadows) that may or may not be strange ( I wouldn't say scary) for your child under the age of 5...I talked to some little girls at the Princess meet-n-greet and the dark feeling  seemed to go away once the movie was over-they remembered the funny parts more than anything!  It moved in a fast pace and a lot of the small kids didn't get it or ended up falling least the ones near me were...may have been that it was in a large theatre instead of a movie theater...could be that it was late and that it took a lot of travel to get to the venue.

But with all that said, SHE was beautiful, the prince was Charming and it all was just fantastic! I'm still trying to figure out who my favorite character (after Tiana) is! I'm thinking it's a tie between Dr. Facilier and Mama Odie!


laterg8r said...

ohhh, looks soooo fun! can't wait to take my girls this weekend, esp since we saw tiana in disneyland so they know she's REAL! :D

*charygirl said...

The Pretty Princess is going with her Nana tomorrow for her birthday to see this one. She can't wait!

Myra B. said...

A bunch of friends and I took or girls (all 3) to go see this today. It was simply wonderful!

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