May 9, 2010

June 27th is the date for a fundraiser!!

my beautiful friend Jen is a new mom and  on October 5th, 2009, her sweet baby Aidan James was born with jaundice.  After several weeks in the hospital and a battery of tests on the poor little guy, he was diagnosed with Biliary Atresia, a rare condition involving his  bile ducts being closed, malabsorbtion of nutrients particularly fats and vitamins, and cirrhosis of the liver as a result of poor bile flow out.  Despite surgery that removed his bile ducts and gall bladder and replacing them with a section of his intestines, his prognosis is not good.  The surgery has not been considered a success, and Aidan is having a very difficult time growing due to malnourishment )-I do believe he's under 18 lbs), and he has also fallen developmentally behind.  It is expected that he will need a liver transplant in the next few years.

Despite having a roadblock of a swollen abdomen,  the discomfort that comes with chronic diarhea and vomiting, and the ongoing hospitalization and tests/torture he is put through to give him the best care possible, Aidan is surprisingly a happy and brave little boy!  He brings so much joy to their lives... enjoys trying to stand on his legs in mommy's and daddy's laps, and playing "gotcha" with his parents, and when the mood is right, he will just start giggling and it being so contagious, he reminds us all just how wonderful life is. 

So, Amber and I have chosen to have a fundraiser crop on June 27th to just pay it forward and to show Jen how much we love her-both Amber and I understand what she's going through since we both have kids that had medical issues in the past.  The Evite has been sent out tonight with all the private details so if you didn't get it and want to join us, just respond via facebook or here @ blog!  We will also be setting up a PayPal account before the crop for those of you cyber pals who want to donate ANYTHING towards his medical bills...this medicines alone are more than $ 500 out of pocket each month!!

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