May 8, 2010

TGIF ya'll-sometimes life gets busy and

we lose contact with friends that we adore for a number of's been 3 freaking years since we last saw each other since my life was being turned upside down with a sick child and some friends got lost in the mix....we lost contact and have now found each other again....that's what happens when you clean up and go through piles of paper!!  Am so glad I found her phone number, called it, made a date and kept it...I got to hang out with this chick tonight even if she did drink Shirley Temples all nite !!  Since I wasn't doing anything called a Shirley Temple (thank you Ryan (aka Woody), our bartender-think what you will, I was partaking in some good ol' margaritas....we laughed until we couldn't laugh anymore, caught up on life and a buncha stuff and had soooo much fun!  Happy Friday everybody!!


*charygirl said...

You have been one busy woman this week. And spending some time with the girls is always a good thing~ drinks and all!

Happy early Mother's Day!

jacque4u2c said...

So glad you all got to hang out again - that phone call looks like it was worth a thousand words!

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