June 13, 2010

still trudging along...

I know we all love sunny days but NOT if you are out working in them!  I wish for them when I am on vacation or am just chillin out...but by god, it was at least 93 degrees today without the heat index and as I kept going (Census work today-special project) from a/c to heat, heat to a/c, this cold has kicked in full gear and I feel like ka-ka.  BUT, it is my anniversary today, I just got off work, am catching up the bloggedy blog, am gonna chill for an hour, throw a lot of makeup on & get dressed and go to dinner than come back and do some paperwork.  Or at least that's what I plan on doing...I kept telling my body that I don't have time to get sick right now but it ain't listening; especially since I've been up since 4:52 AM coughing and hacking and blowing and shit.  Tomorrow may have to be an all liquid day of honey, green tea and ginger and nyquil.  Possibly all in the same cup too :)   If I can suck up that NASSSSTTTTY Robitussin, then I can  drink anything! 
Will post dinner pics later after I pile on the face and get to the restaurant, but for now, everybody kept 'telling' us to get Thing 2 (here's BEFORE and AFTER) a haircut so, we did:  Thanks Kevin!  I LOVE IT !!!!!

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jacque4u2c said...

i am so on the same page as you. Worked hard all week for the family to get together and have a weekend get away. We get here late thursday night I go to spend friday with them and then my body gave away to the throat and chest thing as well. So for the last two days I have been cooped up in the hotel room - this just so sucks!!!! Fever, coughing! I am really frustrated - why on the one weekend we have been planing for over a year - did I have to get SICK!!!!!

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