June 13, 2010

Summer Reads

have to say that I've been anticipating this one for a few months now...finally got it and started it but gotta say (without giving any spoilers) that it is not one of my fav DB's....but since I'm a fan, it's a good read anyway.  What's on your reading list??  I need some new suggestions :)

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*charygirl said...

Here's my list so far....
The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner- loved it! It's online free till July. The link is on my blog.

Ruined- random teenager said it was great. So I'm in the middle of reading it. I love the New Orleans scenery.

The Passage (by Cronin)- It's on my headboard as I type. I read an article he gave and was intrigued by his description of the book. So I'm dying to read it.

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