October 15, 2010

Friday Scrapgal-international style**corrected

**UPDATE:  added Illy's link-sorry about that and thanks for bringing to my attention!
LOVed this "just because" it's cool
now that we Candy Shoppe gals are back, I kept wanting to feature one of our featured artists & then totally forgot and so I was reminded about this gal today when I went to TRUE XOXO to get the next scraplift layout...I'm picking hers...Anyway, up this Friday is an international gal... Her style is fun, eclectic and all her own...she does some wicked cool art journals too (something I haven't mastered yet but plan to take a class in 2011)...Some of you may recognize her from True XOXO, Gutter Girlz or the Creative Type...put your hands together for Ilaria aka Illy from Italy !!!        
LOVE her use of bright colors !!


Cassie said...

SO glad!!!
I love me some Candy Shoppe girls!!!!

Illy said...

Thank you!!! I'm so happy, thanks for your kind words :-D

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