November 7, 2010

Some folks got paper issues

but that's a good thing!  My OL and IRL buddies- Cassie, Kelly, Chez, MK, Kim and Shelley are the new creative team behind the new site PAPER ISSUES:

Their 2nd challenge is up ( I missed the first) and I so hope you'll join them!  They are super-duper talented (I wanna have talent like them when I grow up!)...some of you will recognize them from their distinct styles not only from scrapbooking sites, but from DT and MTs and from publications!  I know I got paper addictions  issues, so hope you'll hop over and see what they are all about :) I'm haten on them too cause they also know how to sew :)

1 comment:

shelley said...

Thanks for the shout out, Kat, Queen, Kathy! :)

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