June 11, 2011

{my} Smash books are here!

after a brief month long delay, the highly anticipated Smash Books from K & Company (EK Success) are finally available from our LSS's and online retailers!  I'm a huge notebook collector; have em all around in my house, my desk, my bags, my car, my purse-all shapes and sizes-friends gift them to me to feed my obsession addiction....so now, I can finally condense some of them and lots of the papers I had in my ginormous purse!  My first one is just a modge-podge of papers I had in the black/gold notebook in my purse & stuff I had hoarded in an envelope that made me happy added in with extra stuff I need in my purse just for g-p.   My next one will be theme/color based...
stuff I had laying around coz I liked it

opening journaling

what I'm listening to-glimpse

sketch inspo

happy mail from Charvonna-the carry the card since it's super happy

stuff I need to sketch in/write in later

cool stuff I carry
if you don't know what they {Smash Books} are, check out the video attached ...mine doesn't look as cool as theirs, but I like them! They are a different way to just document the
"everyday" stuff without the pressure of a layout or an altered journal...great conversation starter too!
** I do know PhotoScraps is sold out of them as of yesterday-but they have already re-ordered more so you need to jump in ASAP on the next shipment !!!!  Check their facebook page for updates!


WillieburgScrapper said...

WOW you really smashed it up. :) Love what you did with it- looks fun. I won one from SC and I ripped a page out for a Punky Scraps page but that's it- you've inspired me to use it for all my random travel bits and bobs.

~EssenseVibez~ said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE----you book is awesome---i need to get busy and go buy one and fill it up---how are you Sugah'?---love to the family---{HuGzzz}

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