July 13, 2011

Happy 13th everybody!

Yup,it's my birthday...number 46 to be exact and I am ok with pushing towards the big 5-0 mark...I've gained wisdom so to go back to being younger and dumber is not something I'd want to do anyway-I'm older and wiser...it's  all good!!  I am not doing a single thing today except hang out for a bit with my friend DB and have lunch....already had my cake and champagne on the weekend with my "divas" so I'm good!!  Will celebrate with my kids and parents next week....

but, we do have a guest designer over at True XOXO who loves me as much as I love her... she created a layout just for me so we could see her fabulosity! and, she's international; hailng from Germany, so that means she's spinning  her own flair and creativity on all she does!  So after leaving me some love, hop on over to TRUE and leave some birthday layout love for my OLB, Felicitas Klink!


Felicitas Klink said...

<3 what can i say more ;)

happy birthday Kat, may all your dreams come true!!!
xo Felicitas

Cheryl said...

happy birthday ms blue!!

~EssenseVibez~ said...

happy birthday beautiful!----i juss celebrated my 49th---dang we look good!!!---remain blessed my friend!!!

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