March 7, 2012

OMG-has it been 2 weeks??!!

Wow, I have been a blog slacker...usually I am such a fantastic multi-tasker but WTH??? My poor poor blog has been gathering dust and it's promised that if I didn't update it this week, he was gonna disown me!   Neglected all cause I have cobwebs on the brain.  Mojo is out on vacation and I'm still stuck here in the land that doesn't know if it's winter or spring....but anyway, I'm back for the 500th time and here's "some" of the reasons why I've been incognito:
HANGING OUT WITH THING 1: (translation: Lacrosse season has started!)

ORGANIZING and actually putting layouts in the empty albums (Ella will be so proud of me!)

ORGANIZING photos and scanning old family photos for my family

in addition to the other mom/daughter/sister/wife daily duties that are just way more boring than this....To my blog and blog readers, I APOLOGIZE...and to my missing MOJO, please come back!!

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