March 14, 2012

say goodbye to hohum winter....

and hello to SPring!  OMG...a few days ago we had the heat on and then this week, temps in the 70's and yes, I let my boy wear shorts (long ones like sk8ter boyz) to school...crazy but I'll take it!  So on that note, today is a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY, I'm off to play for the day until the kids come home then they have appointments...haven't been down in the crafty space but do plan on getting over to Lowe's this week just to walk around and see how I can DIY on a dime.  Am always inspired by Donna over at Funky Junk to maybe lighten up the walls down there so perhaps a vanilla paint party is in order.

So for today, I'm thinking of spring and decided to delight you with some Etsy love of the week:

super cute buttons by Shelley H: (I was some and they are even better IRL):
cute spring print camera straps by Phyllis:
pillow love from Amy:
Butterfly love by Anastacia:
have a wonderful hump day everyone!!

1 comment:

Jojorenee said...

We had a two beautiful days here in Beantown and just like whiplash they cold came back! Ugggh! Love those badges!

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