March 27, 2012

Terrific Tuesday and let's do some SMASHING

shall we??  I was at my LSS Photoscraps last week and looky here, looky here...we had a Smash crop and of course bought all of these right  up! WHAHH?? You don't know what one is??? (Keep reading!)

yup, the XL jumbo Smash book.....and, it's PURPLE!! But during the crop, I decided to work on a travel themed one since my first one was a mish-mash of just "STUFF;" and I want each one to be differently-themed.  Oh yeah, a SMASH crop is something that the divas at my local scrapbook store have instituted (you know you soooo wanna have your local store "lift" the idea)-It's a Smash book theme and they show the books and the embellishments and we all bring our books to share (if we have em)  and the instructor gives us tips and ideas and it's a general evening of sharing, laughing and creating :)  FUN FUN FUN FUN ....I took some pics to share but only a few since they aren't my books but have somehow misplaced the memory card (I'm scatterbrained this week)-but once I find it, I'll do another post.

So for now, here's some shots of my travel Smash Book-I am so in love with everything about the My Mind's Eye "Follow Your Heart" collection-it's got so much versatility, the colors are my true I had to use it !
front cover before I junk it up

so anyway, my next Smash book is a travel themed one and I just started so it's not junked up yet. But one thing I thought I'd mention is that the cover doesn't have to stay unadorned; I actually found the butterflies (2 pack) on clearance in the scrapbook aisle but the chain and other piece are from the jewelry section in Michaels.  They always have stuff on clearance in that section and it creates such a pretty addition to the book.  You can attach with trims, tulle, chains, washi tape , and more using that great thing called a cropadile that I do not own LOL...If you are SMASHING; let me know in the comments and add a link so I can come by and check you out!!!


Jojorenee said...

Oh that IS SMASHING!!! I love purple to and I have to nab that one! I love how you decorated your smash book HOT!!!!

Nitasha said...

Love your smashing Smash book!!!! I purchased like 6 Smash books a few months ago when one of my fav online stores went out of business, but I ummm haven't exactly started using them yet! LOL! Hoarder...yep! But I will be sure to link up when I do! Thanks for the inspiration to get smashing!

Heather Landry said...

Oh my GOSH your smash book looks great! The crop sounds so much fun too. Really great post! Thanks for sharing.

Also, Thanks for your super sweet comment on my blog!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Awesome and smashing things going on by you :o) I have been in and out of town, so getting a wee bit of catching up! Thank you so much for stopping by! Yikes! we will be going away again... and this Friday, for a little over one meet our little grandbaby in person! I will be sure to let our other daughter know what you mentioned about her first crocheted blanket. I will also pass along y'alls kiss to our son :o) We will all be able to be there.

Hugs to you dear friend!!!

Blessings & Aloha!

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