June 3, 2012

Super Sunday showoff...what are you working on??

A few weeks ago, I took a trip to one of my local craft stores (mixed media and scrapbooking together) called the Queens Ink to meetup with some friends so we could sign up for the Tim Holtz classes together and while we waited, I had plenty of time to browse and grab ideas for fantastic projects.  Some shop owners don't allow photography in their stores, but around here, they don't mind spreading the love and encouraging inspiration.  So on that note, I spied with my little eye, this adorable little mini canvas in the Tim Holtz area:
super adorable and do-able right?  Well, I knew I had some of the supplies and so I went home and got down to the studio, all gung-ho & ready to start...so what happened?  My sh#t  was all disorganized and I couldn't find stuff!  So, I went to Hobby Lobby to see if I could find the canvas (couldn't find them in my stash cause they may be buried in a closet)....got more supplies...went home, no vellum...said fuggetaboudit and finally sat down and created this:
that gorgeous (resin?) flower is from the talented Wendy Vecchi (Studio 490)....adore...I went back to Queens and got another one today in a different color so I can retry this project again ***
sorry for the bad pic...I can see up close where I made mistakes-I'm especially unhappy because one of my all time favorite glues has been Beacons 3-in-1 but it seems like they changed the bottle AND the formula; it's all stringy now and clumpy and just awful to use.  So, I am gonna try some other new ones to see how they work.  And yes, I know the damn key is crooked-no matter how I tried to fix it; it was STUCK. STUCK.STUCK!  Since the Jenni Bowlin cards were incognito, I downloaded a bingo card from the web (I'll have to come back and give credit later since I misplaced the name) and the chain part is actually a bracelet making supply from Michaels that I found on the clearance rack for like $ 1.97.....woohoo!!!  Project was harder than I thought but...art is all subject to interpretation.,..adds a cute little piece of romantic whimsy to my bookshelf....my 2nd one will be bigger and better!
Send me a link in the comments*****what are you working on this week???  I'd like to feature some folks for my Friday Feature!!!

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