June 1, 2012


or, drink wine....lol...was scheduled to have some fun at my sons school picnic tonight-had my heart set on not cooking, dancing with the dj and having my "coffee" (cough cough) in my TO-GO cup...but, Mother Nature has decided to bombard us with a hellagood storm...we so needed the rain (but not the tornadoes)-we definitely don't need to get to water restriction levels when we are just at the end of spring...and speaking of that, can you say  "HELLO JUNE !"   

   So on that note, I just joined a cool SMASH group on facebook...don't ask me how I found it but obviously never googled it.  So to introduce myself while I catch up on all the challenges and inspiration, I thought I'd show folks shots of my 1st SMASH* book which was basically just a mishmosh book of stuff on my desk, in my purse, in my life..

so, here's some shots of my first one :

and there's also addt'l pics of it here back on an old post.  Am off to read all the posts for this week and will be back with pics from SMASH* II....

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