July 6, 2012

TGIF! and an upcoming RAK or two!

I so meant to have my Friday Feature with an awesome crafter for you to enjoy, but the errands just took over and so I will hope to have that person who is gonna blow you away with talent up on the blog next week...now I'm off to a pre-birthday Patron Happy Hour!  But, I was thinking that I'm so blessed to have folks who read this little ol' blog, so I am gonna do a birthday minibook giveaway for one lucky winner AND I'm gonna do a SMASH giveaway for another lucky winner! 

So, come back on Sunday and I'll post some pictures...my giveaways winners will be picked on MY actual birthday **FRIDAY the 13th***Yup, it's always been a lucky day for me so what better way to celebrate than with gifts?? Spread the word...ya got 48 hours...and yes, only those who are part of the Royal Kingdom (aka "blog followers) are eligible to win!!!


Tamika said...

Oh my goodness you know how to party - a little Patron sounds great right now. Enjoy yourself!

Laura Scott said...

Hey Kat, I still enjoy reading your blog, even though I had to give mine up a while back, I still pop in on you. Hoping to get back into mine sometime soon, hoping my slump is coming to an end slowly but surely. Can't wait to see what you are going to be giving away today, you know I never win a thing, lol, but love trying just the same :)

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