August 26, 2012

Lazy Sunday...

just enjoying the sounds of the heavy thunderstorms; always grateful to God for the rain, we always need it.  Cooled the place off quite nicely but I do feel so sneezy and itchy but it's all good.   I am Kids are all ready for the sound of those yellow buses tomorrow-YAY!! 
Actually did some scrapbooking this weekend with the bff and after a few finishing touches, I'll be posting some layouts..but for now, here's some things that made me super happy this week....

my 1st postcard from Renee in ATL from the PostCrossing Project!
Capt Dee-fense & I at the Ray Rice Anti-Bullying event July 2012

Captain Dee-Fense is a finalist for ESPN’s inaugural class of the Hall of Fans! VOTE FOR HIM & SHARE THIS! Details:

and  this girl is a 10th grader AND she made the volleyball team!

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Jojorenee said...

Looks like you've been having a blast, happy for ya!

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