November 16, 2012

It's a Use Your Stash Friday...True XOXO style!

Woop woop woop...TGIF ya'll!  Everybody that knows me knows that I do love new products (I am a paper hoarder and ain't afraid to say it) but there are times when it gets outta control and I have to put myself on a spending freeze and USE MY STASH or else!  No running to the LSS even whenI get all those lovely emails torturing me (like the one with the newest Basic Grey releases LOL), in addition to putting kits together, one way to use stash is to JOIN A CHALLENGE!  This month's challenge # 36 over at True XOXO (where I'm still the November Guest DT- woop woop!! ) is all about the stash!!

When creating a stash layout, one of my tips is to do a blind grab of about 5-6 things you wanna use...what's laying on your table?? No fair using all of one manufacturer!  I have a few ziplock bags laying around by theme so I dug into  there and pulled out some random items like the frame and the Journey chipboard...then, I dug into my patterned paper basket that holds tiny bits for the cardmaking that I don't do and grabbed 3 pieces of paper...and VOILA,  handcutting!  You can cut a serous number of banners large or small from a scrap!

.... Only 2  flowers left out of a pack? No worries!  add that to the pile...2 buttons? same thing....a lonely tag??  One crazy piece of chipboard?? Next thing you know, you are using stash and it all comes together like this!

One thing that I also do when using stash is not to worry whether it all MATCHES!!  IMO things should COORDINATE and not necessarily match...folks get stuck on matching and if that's the case, you'll never use your stash!  TRY IT !!  YOU MIGHT LIKE IT  !!!
trust me, the easter egg banner had nothing to do with the picture but I used it just because I liked it!!  Small bits of paper can be trimmed into circles, sqaures, even triangles...see down there at the bottom left??  so..there ya go..all stash and to see what the rest of the TRUE XOXO divas did, hop over to the challenge {HERE} and jump in!  Show us what ya got!  Happy Friday everybody!!


Cindy Gay said...

Especially love the photo! Happy Friday and a great Thanksgiving!

Doreen Vasquez said...

Hi Kate!
Just found your blog!
I agree that using up your stash is very important so I have been challenging myself to do just for the past few months! It's been fun!
I also agree not all the items have to "match".
Nice layout! Love the giant layered banners and the way you added the Easter egg banner embellie! I have the same one and I haven't used it yet! Perhaps that will be next stash item I will use! ;0)

Lynn said...

I just love how you used so many different types of embellishments here! All of your stash items work great together :)

Sue said...

Great tips on using up stash! so need to try these :)Beautiful layout.

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