April 18, 2013

Meghann Andrew inspired...LOTD

It's Thankful Thursday and as always, I am thankful for good HEALTH...even more so this week as I have 2 friends who are in need of prayer for exactly that reason....one who recently lost a child after a unexpected  illness & lengthy hospitalization & for another  whose child is still going through medical treatments with the hopes of a positive outcome.....{Sigh}  But folks have been asking about this boy of mine, so here's an update
My Thing 2 was activated this week (his 2nd cochlear) and so far, it just has the robotic loud sounds, no voice recognition (it takes at least a year but could take YEARS of auditory rehab like the first one) and he is not happy!  For the first time ever, I have seen a grouchy, irritable child!  Poor thing!  BUT, that's why GOD gave me some outstanding therapists, educators and audiologists!  Our work is never done and so we keep working on my "mini masterpiece" and as long as he's healthy, that's all I can ask for-trust me, having a sick kid for almost 3 years was no walk in the park...  As I grumble driving to Johns Hopkins every Monday, I will keep reminding myself that I am there for a good reason and not a bad one :):)  My mantra: Lemonade not lemons!
and it's fitting that the Layout Of The Day is a scraplift....well, not exactly a scraplift, let's say I was scrap "inspired" by the talented Meghann Andrew of Meghann's Little Corner...
I'm JUST catching up on my December 2012 issue of Scrapbook Trends magazine (don't judge, I get busy and forget to read em) and my eye spied her "Meeting Giada" layout....#1 cause I'm a foodie and I'd know Giada anywhere and #2 I loved the verticalness (not a word, I know) of the photo, journaling and papers.  Also loved the washi and the pennant thingees.  So, since we are praising the hard work of Thing 2 today, here is my "lift:" 
Heidi Swapp* Shelly H Flair button, Prima bling goodness !! Washi tape came from Michael's (Recollections)
No Title cause ya'll know I struggle with them!


Angi Barrs said...

I'm so glad you gave us an update. Yes! Keep your focus on the "Lemonade". :) Love your beautiful page too. Have a happy weekend!

Julie H said...

Gorgeous photo of your boy, and great job adapting a page and making it your own!

S said...

Lovely details on your layouts. And do keep that optimism going - life is certainly easier that way.

Meghann said...

Hi Kate! I just did a Google search of myself & found your blog. Lovely scrap lift! You really put your own style on that! Thanks so much for linking my blog
& I'm sorry not to have seen this sooner. Have been busy with the baby. Thanks again!

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