November 13, 2014

Counterfeit Kit Nov Challenge #1


If you aren't on Pinterest, I have to wonder about, wait ....maybe you are the sane one and you should be wondering about ME cause we all know how addictive it is! I LOVE Pinterest and you can follow me by clicking the link to the left!   Challenge # 1 over at CKCB is: TO BE INSPIRED BY PINTEREST!  Rather than do a scraplift from one of the millions thousands that I have pinned to my "Layouts" boards, I went to my "My Mood Board" board and saw this image courtesy of :

 beautiful table setting
INSPIRATION:  Color circle, Wood background, small earth tone accents,  white with one pattern, fall theme....could I do a Thirty Minute or less layout???? I dug in and got to scrapping it with my Counterfeit Kit!

 I did add to the layout with these REALLY BIG STICKERS from Me & My Big Ideas (I think I got them at Hobby Lobby):  I used one for the "plate" and then created around it.freestyled/handcut the brown leaves with my fabric template outta my kit. Awesome ribbon is from CTMH.
The Good Life
My tiny stamps are courtesy of Lameka @ Pink Bow Ties :)  (I'm not a stamper that's why they are crooked :):)

Not thirty minutes or less cause I overthunk it but....this is Layout #1 with my November CKCB kit and as you'll be able to tell, since it's November, most if not all of this month's CKCB layouts will be faith based/gratitude based :)


In His Grace, Janine Rachau said...

What a great layout!! Beautiful! I love your "moodboard" twist and the fabulous leaves!

Angela Coles said...

fabulous take on your inspiration.

I've tried very hard not to get addicted to Pinterest ;).

Julene Matthews said...

This looks fabulous, but then I am partial to mint coloured things. Pinterest is a whole lot of fun. Your first bit made me smile.

cinmfoster said...

Great layout., such a nice take on your mood board challenge. Love the leaves trailing down the page.
Cindy ;

Lisa said...

what a fab interpretation of the mood board! great job. And I adore the colours. I'm more than addicted to Pinterest! So I reckon it's all the others who need help!

Susanne said...

Nice take on the inspiration from Pinterest. I have to admit that since that challenge was first posted I can't seem to stop working off my Pinterest board - it is addicting.

Heidi Wright said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Love the colors and the use of your mood board (not just a sketch or another's LO) for your inspiration. I want to eat those leaves. They are awesome. (But for the record, I don't eat leaves...or fabric...but I do really love those leaves!!!! *grin*). Seeing your page makes me want to make something! (and is there a bigger compliment??) thanks, Heidi via CKC Hop

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