Thankful THursday!

By kate blue - Thursday, December 16, 2010

yup, still continuing to be thankful...this week, I'm thankful for my bff, Essandra, for always humoring when I give her a crazy project to do :), no questions asked! ...this weekend, I just told her to come over for a  surprise "project", over she came and we surprised her with a "Bobby Flay style" gingerbread house throwdown!!  Let the fun was just for the girls this time...the "boy" gets his own project {tomorrow's post}, ask yourself, R U READY FOR A THROWDOWN?????

as you can see, it all started off great...THEN, I got impatient...that's one of the reasons why I can't bake.  I want the NOW gratification of it all...I even scrap my scrapbook pages fast and that's why I struggle in classes where I have to measure mats and OCD of it then mine started to go downhill and despite my best efforts to save it..did I mention we had REAL judges too?  We had dinner guests later that evening who hadn't seen the throwdown (or the huge mess we made) that would be judging anyway, this is what happened NEXT:
it WAS coming together......
 but then, as like on the Food Network, you had to get it to the judges table for judging...I couldn't wait for the dumb frosting/spackle/drywall to dry...and so....THIS was mine:
 But the "patient ones," the "marthas" -the ones who weren't drinking wine, just HAD to show me up {LOL} and here's what theirs looked like-PERFECTION !  And btw, the judges decision was a  tie! It was sooo much fun and we're thinking this should be a Christmas tradition but with more friends next time!

BB's {Thing 1's}

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  1. Those Gingerbread houses look awesome. Yours was looking very cute too despite its collapse. :)


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