Thankful Thursday....

By kate blue - Thursday, December 23, 2010

Smile and say cheese!  It's Thankful Thursday and as you can see, I'm thankful for FRIENDS, both near and far, real life, online,and to those who are online that I hope to meet one day-thank you for keeping me sane in 2010....take time today to relax and do something for yourself and your getting ready to take a blogging break (I have setup some preposts) until next week but want to wish everybody Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy Kwanzaa or whatever is is you celebrate...I am so grateful for you peeps who love Queen Kat, my Thing 1 & Thing 2, who read and comment on my blog (yup, I've surpassed 990 posts) and those who keep introducing me to new blogs/bloggers, it makes me "super happy" (said in my best Kai-lan voice)-hope u enjoy pics of "SOME" new and old friends (I know I['m missing some folks-Caryn, Kate, LD, Mel, Joy, Lawander, Martha, Mandy, and Mandie, all my Jens and Kims just to name a few) that I've had great times with in 2010 (some of ya'll refused the photo thing so that means I need to get ya on the next go-round)....will do some more holiday and some New Years Countdown TOP 10 stuff next week too! 

PEACE baby- we're 2 wild-n-crazy chicks!!

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