Demo Day was a success!

By kate blue - Saturday, February 19, 2011

or at least I thought so....time sure flew by cause it was really crowded....I ended up doing 52 layouts and who knew making distressed FLOWERS could be so fun ???!! For those who know me, ya'll know flowers AND the simple page aren't really what I do so this was a challenge all around!  But I had sooo much fun and I just wanted to thank Amber for coming by to support me; being my 1st "ever" Demo Day, I was a bit nervous and as time passed, I thought for minute that I wasn't gonna see anybody that I knew (even though I did meet so many new friends :) and then in she walked and set my nerves all calm !   She's such a sweetheart and if I can count on anybody to support me, no questions asked, even though she had other stuff to do on her list, she still came by to support little ol' me...a true friend...SHE is the ONE.....and for that, I love and thank her ... She also managed to get the ONE pic of me too {yukky but that's all on me I know}...I didn't have time to take any pics!   I do have to say though, that I forgot to bring the layout home cause now that the demo was over, I was gonna junk it up and add more stuff to it!!! Will have to do in next week or off to have a snack and a glass of something and go relax.....

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  1. This looks like so much fun!!! YAY for you! I know you were in your element and having an awesome time. That layout so rocks too! I love distressing stuff - it just looks so cool!

  2. Very cute! Glad it was a success!

  3. It's a great picture and this is a great accomplishment. Wonderful you!

  4. Sounds like it was a hit! I'm glad you felt at ease with Amber there! I wish I lived closer, and didn't have a stupid 45 minute drive to see you! LOL.


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