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By kate blue - Sunday, February 06, 2011

**this will stay towards the top of my blog till 2/28**Scroll DOWN for current postings!
Hey  blog peeps!  Care to join me in this blog hop meme over at Candy Shoppe Designs ??  It's interesting, fun and super easy PLUS you'll have a chance at winning a super fabulous prize from generous trtailblazers over at The Paper Trail !  If you are coming over from Pink Sugar's (Jeannette S's) bloghello! If not, make sure you started at CSD {HERE} and then hop in order.
What is a MEME you ask?  Well, A meme (rhymes with “dream”) is an idea that, like a gene, can replicate and evolve. So we are all sharing ideas with the hope of just inspiring you guys, learning about you and having some fun in the process!

  My MEME will all revolve around the number 4…after all, I’m 4th on the hop list and 4 has always been my favorite number-funny how Lynnette chose me to go 4th huh???  Enjoy my Quadameme-all the 4’s about ME!

4 jobs I’ve had in my life:   cashier, military police officer, tax assessor, project accountant

4 places I’ve lived:   Frankfurt, Germany*  Sagami Depot, Japan*  Suffern, NY* and of course where I live now, the great state of Maryland!!

4 foods I never get tired of cooking/eating: coconut cupcakes, lamb gyros, shrimp cakes with corn salsa and a hummus/cheese platter- I do make them all!  

  just 4 random things (since you already know I have 4 in my family, I love crowns, wine and the color teal):  I can’t read music (NOT A SINGLE NOTE) or even sing (NOT even karaoke!)   I dislike eating fruit in the winter, I want to climb a mountain (preferably in Europe after I lose all these extra pounds), and I hate cell phones (I personally don’t understand the need to be plugged in to everyone ALL the time...I keep my cheapy cell phone OFF as much as possible.)

and 4 albums that I can listen to over and over and over:
So, enough of my narcissism, I've given you 4 examples in all of the above categories as to what makes me, me. (MEME, get it? LOL) Now, can you give me 4 examples that make you, you?
If so, share with us Lollipop Girls 4 distinctive things that make up who you are!

Next on the trail is our Foreign Chocolate Correspondent, a/k/a my girl KIMMY and just remember, at the end of the hop to go back to Candy Shoppe Designs and add your answers there. Those who play get a chance to win this wonderful goody pack full of Prima and Pink Paislee (and more) from our sweet sponsor, the PAPER TRAIL !!!

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  1. thank you for sharing your top 4. I would like to get your recipe of coconut cupcake even though i don't know how to bake hihihi! it sounds yummy.

  2. yay!!!! loved reading all the fours about you cutie pie!!! so fun being a lollipop shoppe girl with you!!!

  3. Such a fun blog hop!!

  4. Hi..i am a new follower...very cool meme...hopping along..:)

  5. Going to have to checkout the blog candy. You have a awesome blog, looks like you have a lot of fun. One of my resolutions this year was to realy do something with my blog. It is so nice to know one day a week I know I will have my blog post. The hard part is choosing just one blog for the week. I have a long list of ones I want to feature. Thanks for the visit, I appreciate your comment.....

  6. Hello Queen Kat. You asked on my blog if you could show my pocket on your site and that I should leave a message on the blog but since I'm so computer illiterate, I have no idea where the message center is so I'm hoping you'll check here. LOL I'm totally fine with you using my altered pocket and very honored that you asked. Thank you so much.

  7. i discover your from Candy Shoppe Blog Hop. I like your 4 things...now it makes me think what is my 4 top list!

  8. Loved learning about you Kat!

  9. Kate that food looks so good I want to crawl into your blog and eat it! :)

  10. Coconut cupcakes? Sounds like something I need to try!

  11. I loved reading about your top 4 random things!

  12. thanks for sharing all your 4's!! hehe! very cool! now to think think think think--(get it four times) lol!

  13. **finally** got around to posting my answers, thanks for a great question!

  14. 4 things about me: I am a photo and travel junkie, I love sweets, I can scrapbook for days straight with no break, and I love love love the sun!


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