TGIF ya'll!!

By kate blue - Friday, March 11, 2011

dragged myself outta the bed since everybody knows moms never get the luxury of staying in bed for 2 whole days...just don't happen IRL, stay at home mom or not...a long shower and a zyrtec/vitamins/theraflu potion has me feeling better's all good in the neighborhood!! I mighta felt better on this Friday with a bacon cheeseburger from TGIFs with some Jack Daniels sauce on the side but that's not gonna happen...
anyway, TGIF everybody!! I promised some Friday fabulosity so decided to feature some fab altered chicks {who also happen to follow my blog}  this week!  So, without further's some crafty chicks who do their thang "off the page!" 
Hope you hop over to all their blogs, get inspired and leave them some Fab Friday feedback!!

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