as promised, Sketch # 114 is up!

By kate blue - Wednesday, August 10, 2011

over at Twisted Sketches (don't forget the new link is and with that, our new teammates are unveiled AND this week's twist is "TINY"....and I finally decided to put my big-girl shorts on and TRY to start scrapping the first year of THing 2's life...a journey I'm not quite ready to do but baby steps are in order! I decided to do most of it in a SMASH book sprinkled in with a few layouts here and there...that way, it'll be more of an artsy journal and all about the feelings that were unvolved rather than all the graphic photos that are gonna be for his eyes only...for those of you who are new to my blog, basically my son (aka THing 2) was a 25 weeker born in 2004 at the micro-preemie weight of 1 lb 8oz.  He was hospitalized for 8 months and was an extremely critically ill child...7 years, 7 surgeries and the hearing loss diagnosis)  later, he is still doing his thing with a few slight bumps in the road.  Developmentally (we finally started having official tests done) he is at 4 yrs and 9 months and will always be our greatest masterpiece/work in progress.  So, his journey is a painful but special one for us....HE is the reason I was introduced to the wonderful world of art/scrapbooking/crafting since before that , I was never creative (and I do mean never-no painting, no glueing, no sewing, nada!) or had never heard of it!  So with the TINY twist challenge, I begin:

Hope you'll join us this week to welcome the newbies and to see if there's some way we can inspire you to jumpstart a project you've been wanting to do!   And don't forget that you can add your layouts to our Linky Party now! And if you have an iPhone, iPad or iTouch don't forget to check out for layout & card Sketch Apps.

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  1. What an adorable LO,very creative also!

  2. Really loved your take on the sketch! Gorgeous colors, layers and pps!

  3. Gorgeous LO! You did a wonderful job with the sketch and the twist!


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