A "Little" toot Thursday !

By kate blue - Thursday, September 22, 2011

**thank you" A" for pointing this out...but just a small toot for mmwahh!!

Time to announce our first ever Cycling Team. We were thrilled with the interest and have plans to go for the long tour with many of you! Announcing Team Head of the Class and Team Get your Game on today. Team Hello Fall will be announced next Wednesday. Next try outs will be for Wonder and Wishes and Winter Twig. All teams, . 

Cycling Team Head of the Class: Kat Blue, Cari Locken, Rhonda Van Ginkel, Amanda Johnson, Shelley McDaniel 
Cycling Team Get Your Game On: Nancy Doren, Carol Monson, Ashley Stephens, Samantha Taylor, Kimberly Rae Forde

In September, I had decided to get back in the swing of things and get out of my scrapping funk and submit some projects and actually try out for a manu DT or two; most require long term commitments so this is perfect for me to get my toes wet right???  I hope you are as excited as I am about this mini-venture and come back to see what we do!  It was just what the doctor ordered for me and I am super excited to be working with such talented ladies !!!

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  1. AWESOME Kat - I have been having a blast designing with them this month!!
    Lowri :-)

  2. Congrats!! Looking forward to see what ya create!

  3. Well what a nice thing to read after my summer break. Good for you. DT are so much fun. Hope you have a great one...~~~Cherrie~~~

  4. Congratulations Kat! I know you will rock that DT! :)


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