September 29, 2011

RAK re-do....2nd times a charm**UPDATED**

Unfortunately, I gave Kelly quite a bit of time to respond to the emails /facebook message regarding her TT3 blog hop prize deadline but since I never heard from her, the names went back in the hat and so the 2nd times the charm...WilliesburgScrapper is the second chance box winner...send me a PM to or on my facebook wall with your mailing addy by Oct 5th so I can mail it out!

**NOTE:  Kelly sent me an email and just to be fair, both ladies will get goody boxes from me!! She's forgiven me for the post :)


Larisa said...

Congratulations to new lucky girl!

WillieburgScrapper said...

WHAT? NO WAAAAAY!!!!!!! I get totally lucky with you Miss Queen! Thank you!!!

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